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Key Features

UltraPREFETCH is the vendor neutral GOLD standard to automate the retrieval of prior studies & their respective reports triggered by HL7 or DICOM data. UltraPREFETCH’s intuitive UI provides users with the most configurable, scalable and cost effective prior study retrieval engine on the market today, BAR NONE!

Save your time manually searching through archives for prior studies. With UltraPREFETCH the radiologist will spend more time reading studies instead of searching for them.

UltraPREFETCH is not only used for prefetching prior studies but is also a cost effective, intelligent solution for migrating data from old storage devices and legacy PACS archives.

  • Automated DICOM Pre-Fetch based on Scheduled or new DICOM exams

  • Pre-Fetch to single or multiple destinations

  • Configurable and flexible workflow includes a wide variety of fields (HL7 or DICOM)

  • Standards based communication with HL7 and DICOM devices

  • Vendor Neutral

  • Customizable workflow criteria promoting efficiency and scalability for any workflow environment

  • User defined body regions and keywords allow more specific prior study retrievals for maximum efficiency

  • Smart route checks your destination for existing prior data

  • Smart route verifies the completion of data transmission

  • Centralized management when integrated with UltraGATEWAY 4.0

UltraPREFETCH Brochure

Automated Prefetching Whitepaper

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