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About UltraRAD
UltraRAD provides vendor neutral software solutions and cloud based services for the healthcare market. UltraRAD specializes in software for radiologists, teleradiology service providers, private practices, imaging centers, and hospitals. We provide a full suite of integrated or stand-alone solutions to meet any and all workflow requirements.

Since the late 1980's, UltraRAD has built an outstanding reputation for both product integration and overall customer satisfaction. For over 25 years UltraRAD has built on our experience as one of the original providers of innovative image and information applications in the radiology market leading us to be experts in DICOM integration image workflow. Over time we expanded our initial DICOM solutions to include vendor neutral software applications focused, but not limited to, review of images, offsite archiving, integration of HL7 information, acquisition and distribution of patient results and customized workflow solutions.

UltraRAD excels in the ability to integrate our software solutions into any existing workflow. Our applications are designed to improve existing RIS/PACS workflow and enable the user to access patient data from anywhere, at any time.


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