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Automated Vendor-Neutral Prior Study Retrieval Engine

Easily Automate Your Prior Study Retrieval Process with UltraPREFETCH

UltraPREFETCH is a powerful and efficient solution for automating the retrieval of prior studies and their associated reports, triggered by HL7 or DICOM data. Our intuitive user interface provides a highly configurable, scalable, and cost-effective prior study retrieval engine that is unmatched in the industry. With UltraPREFETCH, radiologists can spend more time reading studies and less time searching for them. The time saved on manual search efforts can be redirected towards improving patient care and ensuring accurate diagnoses. UltraPREFETCH simplifies and streamlines the workflow process, allowing for a more efficient and effective radiology department.


In addition to its primary use for prefetching prior studies, UltraPREFETCH is also a cost-effective solution for migrating data from older storage devices and legacy PACS archives. Our intelligent solution enables healthcare providers to consolidate their data into a centralized location, making it easier to manage and access patient information.

Our team of experts at UltraRAD is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. From installation and configuration to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, we are committed to ensuring that UltraPREFETCH operates at peak performance to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Automated DICOM Pre-Fetch based on Scheduled or new DICOM exams

  • Pre-Fetch to single or multiple destinations

  • Configurable and flexible workflow includes a wide variety of fields (HL7 or DICOM)

  • Standards based communication with HL7 and DICOM devices

  • Vendor Neutral

  • Customizable workflow criteria promoting efficiency and scalability for any workflow environment

  • User defined body regions and keywords allow more specific prior study retrievals for maximum efficiency

  • Smart route checks your destination for existing prior data

  • Smart route verifies the completion of data transmission

  • Centralized management when integrated with UltraGATEWAY 4.0

Key Features of UltraPREFETCH

Exchange between document files Transfer data files between folders to back up the documen

Intuitive User Interface That Provides Users with a Configurable & Flexible Workflow

This includes a wide variety of fields (HL7 or DICOM). The solution offers standards-based communication with HL7 and DICOM devices, and it is completely vendor-neutral, making it easy to integrate into any existing workflow.

Decades of Experience

Over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry enables us to develop solutions that are backed by a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible outcomes specific to their needs.

Custom Solutions

Our tailored solutions provide customers with high-quality results that meet their unique needs. We collaborate with clients to create flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions that improve healthcare delivery and business continuity.

Customer Satisfaction

UltraRAD takes pride in our customer first approach. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, delivering innovative, customized solutions that exceed expectations and build lasting partnerships.

What Sets UltraRAD Apart from the Competition

3 Critical Elements Fueling Our Success in the Industry

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