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Real Stories of Success from Our Valued Clients


Featured Testimonials

Because of UltraRad we now successfully poll the remote PACS by name and retrieve mammo studies for scheduled patients all day every day and move them into our PACS. UltraRad also transports those Mammo studies to our stand alone viewing station and couples those historical Mammo’s with studies in our own PACS systems. With UltraRad our patient will have our entire mammo record on our PACS for years with just one visit. Our staff saves time and has accurate records which in turn have helped our business tremendously. We are pleased to have several UltraRad engines in our data center. For our teleradiology business we query disparate PACS systems for priors, new studies and sub-specialty studies. The fact that UltraRad can use our HL-7 and DICOM connections to full potential has proved to be cost effective and labor saving. These engines have improved our thoroughness, automation, productivity and ability to generate timely and meaningful radiology reports for all of our customers."

As a technology-forward company that strives to use the best available technologies in medical imaging, we realized that to break out of the chains of vendor lock, we needed to decouple our DICOM\HL7 routing logic from the RIS|PACS vendors and create our own "vendor-neutral" layer that we controlled. By partnering with UltraRAD, its comprehensive software, and consulting group, we created an intelligent middleware that now allows us to move freely between vendors without redesigning our workflows. Our relationship with UltraRAD ensures that we are never hostage to a vendor that stops innovating!"

Lynn Chiesa

Support Director

Zwanger Pesiri Radiology

We’ve worked with UltraRad for over 5 years and have had nothing but positive experiences. They have really come through for us on software, training, and service for migrations, pre-fetch, and DICOM routing."

Jason Collins
Clinical Systems Design Lead
Canopy Partners

We've been impressed with the comprehensive solutions offered by UltraRad and their ability to rise to any challenge we've presented to streamline our outside image ingestion process" 

Cindy Price

Manage Radiology Informatics

Seattle Children's Hospital

Judy Gronlund-Jacob
PACS & Teleradiology Manager
University Radiology Group, NJ

Decades of Experience

Over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry enables us to develop solutions that are backed by a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible outcomes specific to their needs.

Custom Solutions

Our tailored solutions provide customers with high-quality results that meet their unique needs. We collaborate with clients to create flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions that improve healthcare delivery and business continuity.

Customer Satisfaction

UltraRAD takes pride in our customer first approach. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, delivering innovative, customized solutions that exceed expectations and build lasting partnerships.

What Sets UltraRAD Apart from the Competition

3 Critical Elements Fueling Our Success in the Industry

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We've been impressed with the comprehensive solutions offered by UltraRAD and their ability to rise to any challenge we've presented."

Cindy Price

Seattle Children's Hospital

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