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Key Features

UltraBROKER is a standards-based interface engine for collecting healthcare level seven (HL7) information from a variety of information systems to route, transform messages types, and distribute results and multiple standards within the healthcare environment. The UltraBROKER system listens for queries from the PACS and DICOM modalities and delivers the appropriate message type. The UltraBROKER service provides a DICOM Modality Worklist to the modalities which enables the technologist to correctly match the correct demographics to an exam. UltraBROKER is a standards based interface engine and available with or without the use of VPNs.

  • Web-based interface for HL7 to DICOM transformation

  • Daily storage of HL7 messages in a hierarchical directory structure for added protection in the event of RIS downtime

  • Web-based interface for ordering exams and consistent patient demographics

  • Standards based communication with HL7 and DICOM devices

  • Easy method of bifurcating an HL7 feed without the large expense of existing vendors

  • Delivery via TCP/IP, FTP, and HTTP

  • Vendor Neutral with support of X.12, XLM, XDS as well as other supported methods

  • Next generation UltraBROKER (version 4.0 ) due out in 2022!!!

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